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Applications are invited for Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) 01/2013 for the Courses commencing January / July 2014
Invites applications from bright young engineers to join in the Air Force for grant of Short Service Commission in Flying Branch and Permanent/ Short Service Commission (PSC/ SSC) in Technical and Ground Duty Branches for the following courses  for Men and Women through FCAT 01/2013 to be held on 24th February 2013 :
84th Aeronautical Engineers Course (AEC) Men (Technical Branch) Permanent Service Commission
13th SSC Flying Branch for Men
42nd SSC Flying Branch for Women
56th Short Service Commission Course (SSC) Men & Women
135th Ground Duty Officers Course (GDOC) for Permanent Service Commission  for Men
28th  Ground Duty Officers Course (GDOC) for SSC   for Men
44th  Ground Duty Officers Course (GDOC) for SSC  for Women
University Entry Scheme (UES – 2014) -  Permanent Commission for Men
Selection Procedure. : The testing schedule is in two phases and normallyfor a period of five to six days depending upon the contingencies and will be asfollows:Schedule Flying Branch
Day 1 OIR, PP&DT, Psychological Test
Day 2 Group Tests/ Interviews
Day 3 Group Tests/ Interviews
Day 4 Group Tests/ Interviews
Day 5 Group Tests/ Interviews, Conference
Day 6 Pilot Aptitude Battery Test and Documentation (Recommended
Note. Candidates Only)
(a) Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) would be conducted forrecommended candidates who are eligible and have opted for Flying Branch.
(b) Phase ‘1’ tests comprising of Officers Intelligence Rating Test (OIR)followed by Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) would beconducted on Day ‘1’ and only those who qualify in Phase-I tests will beretained at AFSB for further testing in Phase-II.
(d) Some of the Group Tests demand active physical participation fromwhich no exemption is permissible.
How to apply : If you meet the requirements, apply : Online at Air Force
General Instructions:
1. Reporting. The attached call letter is the authority for you to report at theBoard for interview. The same is to be handed over to the Board on your arrival. Youmust report for the interview on the date and time as specified in the Call Letter.
3. Boarding and lodging. Free boarding and lodging will be provided duringyour stay at the Board. Those candidates who arrive before the date and timeindicated in the call letter will have to make their own arrangements. Parents/guardians accompanying the candidates will have to make their own arrangements.
4. Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) would be conducted forrecommended candidates who are eligible and have opted for Flying Branch. Phase ‘1’ tests comprising of Officers Intelligence Rating Test (OIR)followed by Picture Perception and Discussion
5. Documents. You are required to bring the following relevantdocuments, which will be checked/ retained/ returned after verification:-(a) Original Matriculation
6. Original/ Provisional Graduation Degree/ Post Graduation DegreeCertificates and Marks Sheet of each year/ semester issued by University only for verification of educational qualifications which makes you eligible for thecourse.
7.  Two attested photocopies of each of the above mentioned certificates.Original NCC ‘ Certificate (if applicable). NOC from employers for candidate working in Central/ StateGovernments or PSUs. Original valid Commercial Pilots’ License, issued by DCGA, ifapplicable. Inbound Railway Ticket /Bus Tickets.
8. Requisites. You are advised to bring the following items: One pair of White Shirt/ T-Shirt, Shorts/ Trouser/ Track Suit/ Salwarkameez, Socks and a pair of white sports shoes.Adequate writing material (lnk/ baIl point pens, blue/ black ink and leadpencils).
9. You shall furnish the railway ticket/bus ticket to the Board, failing which no TA will be paid. For all other modes of travel,TA will be admissible as per the government authorized rules.
10. Discipline. Your conduct and behaviour during your stay at the Board isexpected to be disciplined and orderly.
11. General. No facility exists at the Board for safe custody of cash andvaluables. Therefore, do not bring any valuables or excess money. Candidates arenot permitted to carry their mobile phones, laptops and cameras inside theSelection Board premises.
Tentative Last Date : 08-01-2013
About the organization:
The Indian Air Force took off as a tiny fleet with four Westland Wapiti army co-operative by-planes, six RAF trained officers and 19 Hawai Sepoys. Today, it is the fourth largest Air Force in the world with a highly technical and specialised fighting force that safeguards our skies against enemy invasions.A glance at the annals of its history will help us understand the glorious years of our legendary Air Force.The two dates, mentioned above, are landmarks in the history of the Indian Air Force.
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